Yahoo Music Unlimited: The Perfect Compliment to Any Home Office

My Most Notable Personal Internet Milestones

1994: Ventured Online For the First Time

2001: Started Learning SEO & Began Receiving High-Speed Internet at Home

2003: Discovered Affiliate Marketing and Joined Google AdSense

2006: Subscribed To Yahoo Music Unlimited

There are many great things about working at home. I commute about 20 feet from my bedroom to my office. I get to wear whatever I want. I see my family throughout the day. I also get to construct an ideal work environment that allows me to perform my Internet Marketing tasks at the highest possible level.

For me to attain peak performance at my job, four elements must be present:

1) My lucky search gnome must be on my window sill just above my desk.

2) My body must be highly caffeinated at all times.

3) Only natural or indirect lighting must be present (a pox on the person who invented fluorescent lights).

4) I must be continually rockin‘ out to groovy tunes.

In furtherance of #4, I signed up for Yahoo Music Unlimited (YMU). The service is close to 18 months old…however, I’ve only been aware of it for the last few months even though I use Yahoo’s service offerings many times each day, being wedded to Yahoo via email and fantasy sports addiction.

After now having the service for a month, I feel comfortable saying that YMU has become every bit as indispensable as my cable modem & my DVR.

YMU has two service tiers. The lower tier offers you the ability to listen to their entire collection of music through your computer. The higher tier also offers the ability to download any music to your portable music device providing it is on this list. Note that iPod’s do not work with YMU…when I decided to test drive the service, I purchased a compatible device. The higher tier is well worth the extra price. I spend 90 minutes at the gym most days and it’s really great to take the complete REM with me one day and the complete Depeche Mode the next.

There are over 2 Million songs available on YMU and whatever your taste in music, you will have an enormous selection to choose from. Other than a few notable artists that for whatever reason decided not to license their music to Yahoo (Beatles, Led Zeppelin), I was hard pressed to find any music that I wanted to hear that wasn’t available.

It’s true that your subscription doesn’t allow you to burn the music to CD (though the tracks are available for purchase). However, it is so easy to hook your portable music device to either your home or car stereo that this drawback really doesn’t prevent you from enjoying your subscription in almost any environment.

YMU isn’t just for Rock n‘ Roll buffs…the selection of Country, Jazz & Blues is every bit as deep. Plus, there exists the ability to discover new music by letting Yahoo know your musical preferences. You can also create your own radio stations, and listen (and chat with) people with similar musical tastes as yours. The sound quality of the music is excellent. Unfortunately, their Music Jukebox, though having great features, is a bit of a memory hog…I tried uploading a large file to Google Base while listening and froze my system.

A recent playlist of mine included the latest albums by Diana Krall (very nice), Eric Clapton (solid, not spectacular), Ray Charles with the Count Basie Orchestra (better than his Duets album), Kevin Federline (as bad as advertised) and the Borat Soundtrack (way too funny).

YMU offers a free trial and if you take advantage of the advertised MasterCard promotion, you can get 2 years of the upper tier service for about $6 per month. This has to be the best bargain on the Internet.

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