Windows Vista – How to Set Up a Home Network

Home network is a local area network where the computers are connected together. After you have setup a home network, you will be able to share the devices connected to other computers such as printers, CD/DVD ROM and etc.

In order to set up a home network, you must install the network adapters. You should follow the installation instructions that come with each network adapter. After that, you must connect the computer and launch the Set Up a Wireless Router wizard. Before you can connect the computers, you must have a DSL modem and an account from the ISP. Next, you should launch the Connect to the Internet wizard to connect your computer to the internet. If you already connect to the internet, you must verify the connection. To verify the internet connection, you simply open a browser and visit a website. If the page display properly, it means that you are connected to the internet.

The connection of the computers depends on several factors including modem, internet connection and modem. For Ethernet network, the crossover cable can be used to connect computers located nearby with each other. You must set up the ICS so that both computers can share the internet connection. If the computers are located faraway with each other, you can use a router to connect them together. If your room has a built in Ethernet, you should plug the Ethernet wire into the Ethernet jacks.

For wireless network, you must run the Set Up a Wireless Router wizard. If you want to set up a HPNA network, the computer must be equipped with a HPNA network adapter. The room must have a built in phone jack. While setting up the HPNA network, you should connect all the network devices to the computer including printer so that they can be set up properly.

After you have setup the network, you must conduct a test to see if the computers are connected properly. To do this, you should go to Network Connections under Settings in the Start menu. The printer icon will not appear on the connected computers unless you appear printer sharing.

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