The LG GD510 Pop – Small Mobile Phone, Big Features

If you are looking for a small mobile phone that does not fall short on features, then the LG GD510 Pop is the mobile that you are looking for. It is the smallest 3 inch full touch screen phone in the market today. This sleek and clear full touch screen phone does not fall short on looks as well.

Pop Display

The LG GD510 Pop is so sleek and small that the 3 inch touch screen barely has any borders. Regardless of the phone’s size, you will surely enjoy rich and vibrant colors on its big touch screen display. You will only find button on this mobile phone’s face. Everything else is for your viewing pleasure.

User Friendly 3-way User Interface

This phone’s 3-way User interface simply means you get quick access to features that are the most essential. On this phone’s home screen you get quick access to your different forms of multimedia and contacts. All you will ever need is on the home screen.

Pop Camera

Regardless of this mobile’s small size, it does not fall short on image capturing and video recording features. The mobile phone is equipped with a 3 megapixel digital camera that captures images and records videos without pixelation. This simply means that you are sure to have high quality images and videos on the LG Pop.

Web Browsing

Like all modern phones, this phone is well capable of browsing the internet. Get ready to visit your favorite website, receive updates on your favorite social network, and upload images and videos as soon as you capture or record them.

Pop Multimedia

When it comes to multimedia, this mobile has all that you need. You can store and play up to 200 of your favorite music tracks, and store and playback up to 10 of your favorite videos on the LG GD510 Pop. This is possible through the phones external 8GB memory stick.

Environmentally Friendly Mobile Phone

This mobile does its very best to help Mother Nature. This phone can be equipped with a solar charger battery cover, and alerts the user if the battery is full to save on energy for conservation. Furthermore, it is free from any hazardous materials.

With this mobile phone you not only have all the modern features, you help save the environment. The LG GD510 Pop may be a small mobile phone, but it is definitely big on features.

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