Sony KDL-32V4000 – Sony’s 32 Inch Widescreen TV – Sibling of the W Series, Reviewed

In every respect, it’s what a Sony should be. All the usual integrity in terms of fit and finish is there and bar the on screen menus set up is the same as the W4000. To all intents and purpose the KDL-32V4000 is the same as the W4000 except for resolution.

Initially this means a TV reception best described as average, but this Sony does do certain things above what other sets in this price range can, namely low light detail and motion tracking. Switch to an external source though and the Sony comes to the fore. DVD playback is forthright in terms of colour and contrast and motion is kept in check without any alarm bells ringing. There’s plenty of picture detail even in the darkest of scenes and the Sony portrays skin tones naturally.

The KDL-32V4000 video scaling is more than capable of reconfiguring a Blu-ray signal to fit it’s panel with detail, edging and contrast all impressing. Stability with even the fastest moving image is also apparent whilst the sound can only be described as thin unfortunately. But having said that, this is a TV with a price tag of £450 which for a Sony is extremely good value for money.

The remote is classic Sony, it’s not the flashiest but is extremely simple to use. In summary, the Sony KDL-32V4000 when compared to it’s sibling the W4000 is exactly the same TV except for the resolution which is 720p on the V4000 and it’s speaker array but overall for a TV within it’s price range it’s extremely reassuring to find that Sony is at the forefront with this set.

Source by Glen Whay

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