Sony Bravia KDL-S23A12U-23 Inch LCD TV Review

From the time it was released in the market, the Sony Bravia 23 inch LCD TV has gained popularity in the digital market due to the amazing features it packages inside a slim and flat designed screen.

It has a high resolution image processor which offers a wide range of colors so that you would experience a smooth motion and sharper details of the images. To give you better quality picture, the manufacturers of this LCD have doubled the number of both the horizontal lines as well as the vertical lines of pixels. There is also the provision of switchover compliant along with an integrated Freeview tuner. Even if you are watching objects in the fast motion, you will still get clear and stable images thanks to the high resolution image processor. Also, this LCD features the Digital Reality Creation (DRC) technology that maximizes both the depth and resolution to provide you with sharper images. On the other hand, there is also the provision of the backlight that, together with the high resolution image processors, will brighten up even a dark picture.

Furthermore these TV sets consume 40% less energy in comparison to the plasma. What’s more? There is a HDMI compatibility that will produce the maximum picture and sound quality from your High Definition devices as well as the DVD player. It also offers a significantly stunning virtual surround sound. There is also a built-in S-master amplifier. Along with this, this TV set also offers you the comfort of viewing from anywhere in your room thanks to its wide viewing angle of about 170 degree.

A highlight of the features of the Sony Bravia 23 inch LCD TV:

• High resolution image processor

• Considerably bright images that has a higher contrast

• A wide viewing angle of about 170 degree

• Consumes 40% less energy in comparison to the plasma

• Built in S-master amplifier

• Significantly stunning virtual surround sound

• Switchover compliant along with an integrated FREEVIEW tuner

• The Digital Reality Creation (DRC) technology

• A HDMI connection

Source by R K Parajuli

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