After weeks of trying different „home remedies“ for my slow running computer I have achieved some well earned relief. Finally I have been able to fix a slow computer. And it really was not that hard. Here are some simple steps that will save you a lot of time:

1. Start by doing a scan of the windows registry in your computer. You can find these from many registry cleaners and most will let you do the scan free. (Also see reference at bottom of article)

2. If the scan finds more than 20 or 30 registry errors then the registry is at least part of the reason the computer is running slow. You will have to sign up and purchase the registry cleaner before it will correct or delete the errors. (usually $35)

3. If the scan finds less than 20 or 30 registry errors then follow these additional steps:

a. Delete All Temp Files – internet and others that are not important. You can do a Search at the computer Start button for „temp files“.

b. Make sure Windows updates are current. Go Control Panel and then „Up Date Windows“

c. Defrag your computer’s hard drive. Go „All Programs“ and then „Accessories“ and then „System Tools“ and „Disc Defragmenter“

d. Do a Disc Cleanup. Go „All Programs“ and then „Accessories“ and then „System Tools“ and „Disc Cleanup“. These can help older, well used computer running slow problems.

e. Update or set your anti-virus protection higher or a level safer. Also you may need to change to a different anti-virus. Avast has an excellent, technician recommended protection. (free home version)

f. Update or change your spyware / malware protection. StopZilla is technician recommended also. Spyware and malware are some of our main reasons for a computer running slow.

g. Add to the computers RAM memory. Most computers can have more RAM (random access memory) added. The two main „hardware“ components that effect computer speed are processor speed and RAM. Adding RAM is inexpensive and you may be able to do it yourself with a little advice. Google your computer model + RAM and see if you can find information that will help you. If not you may purchase additional RAM at a store such as Best Buy and ask the Geeks how to install it.

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