Mobile Phones: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Redefining the way you communicate mobile phones has taken giant strides over the years. From being a device which keeps you connected, the mobile phones of today have become an essential utility tool. With technological advancements mobile phones today have become more feature packed and perform many functionalities in tune with modern life style.

A fashion accessory, a travel companion, your business aide and an entertainer – mobile phones have won the heart of people from all walks of life and have undergone a complete makeover with its different facets and different meanings. Its amazing to see a device becoming an all time companion of people, whoever he may be.

Embracing new technology and adapting itself into the hectic lifestyle of mankind, the gizmo has now gone sleek and stylish. It started with 2G, now it is 3G and soon it will be 4G-mobile phones today are empowered with technology. Handsets with designer themes and with dimensions which can easily slip into any pocket have become common these days. You have designer handsets, camera phones, music phone, the mobile television, Internet on mobile and what not. Mobile phones today cater to the growing needs of each individual and has given users the freedom of choice.

With such growing demand the competition has also gone fierce and today you have popular brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and many others to choose from. With each passing day, a new mobile phone model is launched. Each manufacturer coming with his own version of mobile phones . Walkman series and Cyber shot range from Sony Ericsson, N-series and music editions from Nokia, Blackberry, LG KG800 Chocolate, LG U8360, LG U900 and thousands other names each being different from other and offering many functionalities in a single device.

With mobile phones life has changed…for better and more towards better.

Mobile Phones

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