Four Types of Mobile Phone

Every year, new mobile phones are released into the market. There are four basic styles of mobile include flip, candy bar, slider and swivel.

The flip can be fold and stored in the pocket. It prevents the buttons from getting pressed accidentally while you are travelling.

The candy bar is the first and oldest style. It is very practical. It does not have any moving parts. It is sturdier because it does not have any loose sections that can break when it falls on the ground. The screen of the candy bar is susceptible to scratches because it is not protected, like the clamshell phone. The size of the candy bar is smaller compare to the slider and clamshell. Therefore, it is not comfortable when you hold it onto your face.

Slider is quite common and not new in the industry. You can slide the to reveal the keypad. The popularity of slider phone is increasing because many South Koran mobile phone companies are making slider. Just like other things, it has several advantages and disadvantages. It has a modern look and is fashionable. It has a large color screen. The color screen is larger compare to the clamshell and candy bar. It is compact and will hide away the keypad when you are not using it. When the keypad is hidden away, you will still be able to access the main buttons. The main buttons include the call, and end button. You will also be able to access the directional button. It is easy to use. When you want to make a phone call, you simply slide open it and answer or end a call. Slider phone also has its own disadvantages. The slider does not offer screen protection. It is not a slim. It is thicker than the candy bar hone. However, expensive slider phones have thin built.

Swivel phone has a unique design, which makes it look different than other types of phones. It has a swivel which allows you to hide the keypad. It offers all the basic functions in a mobile.

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