Criminal Minds Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set

Criminal Minds revolves around the Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI which has been brought in to help FBI solve crimes that are otherwise difficult to straighten out. There are plenty of kidnapping and rape cases and many serial killings where the team’s help is taken. The team has been specially trained to understand the specific details of such cases with the help of which they deliver a profile of the criminals which help FBI.

The lead characters of the series are Agent Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin, Agent Hotchner, played with Thomas Gibson along with other team members played by actors like Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, Lola Glaudini, and Kirsten Vangsness. All the team members have unique skills which they make use of to deliver results.

The first season of Criminal Minds seasons 1-4 starts off quite strongly which had been specially made in hopes of hooking the viewers with the help of the introduction to the team and the team members. During the start of the first season Gideon is on leave and is trying to make a difficult decision which later on is revealed in the show had resulted in the death of a few agents under his command. Gideon had been teaching at the FBI academy before he is enlisted back in the team.

Elle working as an FBI agent also appears for an interview for the team and joins in the first season itself.

The show is known for using quotes from everyday men, philosophers and historical figures at the beginning and closing of every episode. Another interesting detail about the show is the way the team members come up with the profile of the criminals and deliver it to the FBI.

Though Criminal Minds is episodic in nature it is quite interesting because it manages to deliver a little more than what might be expected from a regular TV show. The DVD boxed sets of Criminal Minds seasons 1-4 is an interesting investment to make since the series offers not just the day to day functioning of the unit but also a little personal information and background of the central characters in every episode.

Over the seasons, the personas and the characteristics of each character is slowly revealed which enables viewers to form a bond with these characters. Reid and Gideon are the two main characters. Gideon being the veteran member of the team while Reid being a genius but still quite innocent. Reid is quite an interesting character because though he is quite a strong member of the team, he is still very much prone to manipulation from the outside sources. These different characters make the series a little more realistic and interesting.

Source by Ricardo Lumbardo

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